Accurate location of your assets

Tracking indoor and outdoor

With Indoor 4.0 you can track your assets in your premises with an accurate precision of up to 10 cm. Be aware in what shelf it is stored, and you can rapidly access and find it. With a support broadband communication and positioning module you can track your assets outside your warehouse and track it to your customer.

Realtime accurate location

Awareness about your assets location with a great accuracy.


Along side with our customers we propose the best way possible to create value. We don’t just track or collect data, we try to undestand what is the most relevant data to the customer and what is the best way to create value with that data.

We provide solutions with some flexibility because we understand that each customer is a different customer and we must provide the more suitable solution that implies minimum customer process changes.

  • Cloud based solution – We provide a cloud base solution minimizing infrastructure costs
  • Indoor positioning – We provide accurate indoor positioning
  • Sensors – We provide different sensor reading on custom project
  • Reporting – We provide custom reporting based on customer needs
  • API integration – We provide push or pull API integration